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Specular Microscopy

What is a Specular Microscope?

specmOur optometrists use a specular microscope to diagnose corneal disease in its very early stages. Specular microscopy is a noninvasive photographic technique that allows for analysis and visualization of the corneal endothelium.

Early Detection

Dr Hirschl precisely analyzes the cornea usinga specular microscope; checking for signs of degradation of the cornea cells that lead to common ocular conditions such as glaucoma, Uveitisand Fuchs endothelial dystrophy which may produce changes in the structure and function of the corneal endothelium that result in corneal edema and visual impairment.

Additionally, contact lenses that are worn-out as a result of overuse, especially with respects to daily disposables being worn for extended periods of time, as well as interocular surgery can compromise the endothelium and cause corneal edema. An accurate analysis of the corneal endothelium may be the key in detecting and diagnosing not only the cause of corneal edema, but also developing a treatment plan.

Using Specular microscopy, the cornea is checked for signs of damage to the cells and diagnosed before any symptoms of disease or visual degradation occurs, allowing for a course of treatment to be prescribed that will assist in preventing disease or visual degradation. Call Boardman Family Eyecare to set up your specular exam.

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