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Color Vision Deficiency

What is Color Vision Deficiency?


Color blindness is well known but very few people are really color blind.

Really, most people with color blindess really have a condition known as Color Vision Deficiency, which is the eye’s inability to distinguish between various shades of color. The extreme cases where one can’t see a color at all is in fact color blindness.

There Are Three Main Types of Color Vision Deficiency

Color vision deficiency is usually divided into three main categories. These three main types are:

  • Most Common: Red & Green Color Vision deficiency
  • Less Common: Blue & Yellow Color Vision deficiency
  • Lack of Color Vision / Color Blindess

Is There a Way to Test for Color Vision Deficiency or Color Blindess?

Yes, you can take an online Color Vision Deficiency Test below .

How Can I Learn More About Color Vision Correction?

Visit our Boardman office for a consultation regarding color vision deficiency and options that are right for you.