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OCT Scans & Your Eye Health

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An OCT scan is one of the latest, cutting edge technologies in retinal imaging today. The OCT scan allows your eye doctor to see retinal optic nerves and cornea structures that are not visible during a normal exam. An OCT exam use light to provide a high resolution scan to pick up early signs of structural change or eye disease. Dr Hirshl of Boardman Family Eye Care, in Boardman, Ohio can provide you with comprehensive eye exams using an OCT scan in order to detect any signs of eye diseases with far greater accuracy and precision, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopothy and others.

Previous technologies scan around 15% of your retina, however, an OCT scan is able to scan a large, 200 degreearc, which captures 80% of your retina in one panoramic scan. Because of the wide encompassing view, you'll receive a more accurate, detailed map of your eye, enabling for greater overall eye health. The OCT scan for a patient is fast, painless, and very easy to do. The scan maximizes patient convenience, eliminate patient discomfort, and nothing disturbs your eye so it is suitable for the entire family from child to adult. The exam can take a few minutes to do, and scans one eye at a time. You will see you flash of light, which lets you know the image has been taken of your eye but that's all.

Dr. Boardman recommends an OCT scan at least once a year because it maps your entire eye to even check your body's blood pressure.